About Us

My Guitar Pal was founded by Lloyd English and Myles English, a father and son team with over six decades of combined experience as career musicians, guitar players, recording artists and teachers. Lloyd and Myles were compelled to begin MGP upon recognizing that the majority of guitar education information available online is disconnected, disorganized and often just plain wrong.

In their own private teaching they were experiencing a steady stream of students who had tried to learn from YouTube and other online resources only to become utterly confused and frustrated.  Many of these students had simply given up trying to learn online and were now instead opting for private lessons.

It is this discovery that led to the conviction that “there must be a better way” and this in turn led to the development of My Guitar Pal.   From the planning stages MGP was designed to offer an easy and educational solution to achieving not only the goal of learning to play the guitar but also the goal of learning to “understand” what you are playing.

Learning to Play Guitar Made Easier

“How can we make an online learning experience as effective as an excellent private lesson?”

After teaching over 70,000 private lessons we know and understand how people learn and we have built that understanding into MGP.  We also understand that the Guitar is an instrument that speaks the language of music and in order to progress you have to build a foundation that is rooted in a functional understanding of that language.

My Guitar Pal is a step by step method full of essential learning tools that make the process of learning engaging, productive and musical.   The question that we have tried to answer from the beginning is “how can we make an online learning experience as effective as an excellent private lesson?”.   As a result of continuously answering this question at every stage of development we believe we have achieved the goal of creating the most educational and rewarding guitar experience available online.

Student Centered

“But I learn intuitively”

My Guitar Pal has been structured to be student-centric, whether you choose to learn intuitively or by systematically moving through a lesson series you will find that all the resources necessary for your progress are at your fingertips without arbitrary navigational constraints.   We do however offer suggestions for direction that we believe could enhance your progress but part of the fun of music is your own discovery and we have left lots of room for that.

Consider MGP your guitar education resource center, a center that can be returned to at any time for any questions you have on any path of study you choose to take.

Resource Rich with a Focus on Results

“In order for any lesson to be successful it has to be planned and it has to have a goal”

You will discover a resource rich learning environment at MGP.  Every individually produced and planned video lesson comes complete with a detailed written lesson description while also being supported with formatted printable lesson sheets, studio produced lesson specific play along tracks and interactive chord charts as well as a song library, glossary, testing and more.  These are tools that any excellent and experience private instructor would have at their fingertips during a private lesson.

In order for any lesson to be successful it has to be planned and it has to have a goal, an online learning experience is no different.  MGP has been carefully planned and constructed so each lesson provides all the materials necessary to achieve “learning” while making the experience fun and easy to follow.