I’ve scoured the web and have found 10 ultra weird guitars.  Not only weird guitars, but pretty awesome as well.

#1 – Molten Lava Guitar

Not only is this a weird guitar, but it’s pretty cool too (or hot?).  I haven’t come across many builders with such a unique design aesthetic. Check out more guitars by Hutchinson Guitar Concepts.

lava electric guitar

#2 – Pac-Man Guitar

There’s a variable speed knob on this guitar that controls how fast or slow the headstock blinks. This way you can sync the timing to the tempo you’re playing at.  Why doesn’t every guitar have this?  To learn a bit more about this guitar visit Specimen Products.

#3 – Gumball Guitar

While i’m not sure how practical this guitar is, it definitely is weird. This guitar may be a good business opportunity if you gig or busk, especially if there are lots of kids around. These guys make many more impractical designs such as a fish tank guitar. You can view more of their instruments here.

gumball guitar

#4 – Italia Speedster

I’ve heard from many people that this guitar resembles a storm trooper. This is one I could actually see myself playing, not just hanging on the wall. Italia Guitars is mostly known for their unique retro designs.

Italia Speedster Electric Guitar Unique Wierd Awesome

#5 – Boostercaster

This steampunk inspired design is just one of many that Tony Cochran has done.

boostercaster steampunk guitar

#6 – 1959 Katillac

This design by Ali Kat is inspired by the 1959 Cadillac. I’ve never had the need for tail lights on any of my guitars, but that’s just me.

cadillac electric car guitar

#7 – Nintendo Guitar

Why not? At only $300 they’re quite a deal! You can find more out here.

nintendo electric guitar

#8 – Sushi Guitar

Yes, it’s a guitar with sushi inside. Makes total sense! This guitar was made by Girl Brand Guitars.

sushi electric guitar

#9 – Pikasso Acoustic Guitar

Believe it or not, this thing is actually playable. It was built by luthier Linda Manzer for Pat Metheny.

pikasso guitar multi-neck acoustic

#10 – JBD-400

Designed by John Backlund from J. Backlund Design. He does some really unique and interesting guitar designs.

JBD-400 John Backlund Design

Out of All of these weird guitars, which do you think is the weirdest?

Is there another one you think should be on the list?  Let us know in the comments section.

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