An Introduction to Arpeggios


Ideal for the developing guitarist wishing to aquire a grasp of the linear or melodic expression of chord sounds. The material presented here applies to all guitarists in every style and will not only expand your repertoire of sounds but will also provide for excellent technical study material that is both challenging and useful.

This course will provide you with a practical working knowledge of common chord sounds and fingerings that are easily mastered and immediately practical both from a musical and technical perspective. If you want to learn to improvise and solo over changes the material her will give you the tools you need.

Think of the Arpeggio as a moveable melodic representation of a chord that doesn't lock your hand into chordal forms but instead allows for individual note choices that express the chords and ultimately the harmony of the chosen song material.

Chord progressions or the "harmony" of a song can be very clearly stated with the use of arpeggios thereby allowing you to create improvisations that are as unique as the songs themselves.

What You'll Learn

  • 1 Introduction to the Major Arpeggios
  • 2 Introduction to Minor Arpeggios
  • 3 Thinking on the Guitar Fretboard
  • 4 C Major and C Minor Arpeggios in Open Position
  • 5 Triads, Chords in the Key of C Major
  • 6 Triads, Chords in the key of A Minor
  • 7 Triads, Chords in the Key of G Major
  • 8 Triads, Chords in the Key of E Minor
  • 9 Thinking on the Guitar in Harmonic Thirds
  • 10 G7 Arpeggio Open Position
  • 11 G7 and Mixolydian
  • 12 3 Note Major Arpeggios
  • 13 Three Note Minor Arpeggios
  • 14 C Major Arpeggio Position II
  • 15 C Minor Arpeggio Closed Position III
  • 16 G Major Arpeggio Closed Position II
  • 17 G Minor Arpeggio Closed Position III
  • 18 G Minor 7 Arpeggio Pos II/III
  • 19 C7 Arpeggio in II Position
  • 20 G Dominant 7 and Mixolydian Mode in II Position
  • 21 Revealing the Diminished
  • 22 Major, Minor, Dimished and Augmented Triads
  • 23 Thinking on the Guitar in 7ths
  • 24 Breaking Down Large Chord Forms