Slash Bass Chords and Alternating Bass for Guitar


This course introduces you to some new and interesting chord voicings you can use to make your playing more interesting.  Bass pedals and slash bass chords can be used to create moving bass lines.  These new chord voicings will allow you to move away from always having the root note as the bass note.

What You'll Learn

  • 1 Slash Basses and the G/B
  • 2 Slash Bass D over F#
  • 3 Connecting Slash Basses in G
  • 4 Alternating Basses in G Open
  • 5 Alternating Bass in Open A
  • 6 Root 5 Alternate Bass in C
  • 7 Root 5 Alternate Bass in G
  • 8 Root 5 Alternate Bass in D
  • 9 Bass Pedals – C/D in the Key of D
  • 10 Bass Pedals – F/G in the Key of G
  • 11 Bass Pedals – G/A in the Key of A
  • 12 Bass Pedals – The bVII Chord
  • 13 Bass Pedals – Key of E with bVII