Blues Guitar Essentials

The Blues is at the core of all the development of pop music in the western world. It is impossible to divorce the blues from virtually all the major pop styles of the 20th century including Jazz, Dixie, Swing, Rock, Funk, Metal and the list goes on. Needless to say the genre of the blues has had its own evolution with a series of great players carrying the torch down to the present day. A study of the guitar and pop music without studying the blues is like trying to study painting using only the colors black and white. The Blues provides us with the tensions and the lines and the forms which we have come to hear as commonplace in almost everything we listen to in the pop styles.

This blues guitar course provides excellent ground work for the study of form and for developing your improvisational style while getting used to the sounds of the characteristic scales and notes used in this style as well as all the related styles.  The Blues is great practice and background no matter what style you decide learn to play.

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Level: 5