Classical Guitar Essentials


The Classical Guitar Essentials course is designed to give guitarists of every style a basic understanding of the classical guitar. We introduce some of the most common repertoire known to the instrument from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods and try to keep the material as accessible as possible to all guitarists. The legacy of the classical style provides a huge library of music for technical and purposeful musical study and really shouldn't be ignored by any guitar player.

In this study we will also discuss some of the developments in classical guitar playing over the last century and examine some of the players and their specific playing styles. This course is ideal for the guitar player really wanting to dig in to a deeper understanding of the instrument and its development while at the same time building a stronger and stronger technique in both hands.

What You'll Learn

  • 1 Connecting Open Position Chords
  • 2 Connecting Open Position Chords II
  • 3 Connecting Chords in G Open
  • 4 Chord Progression in G with Arpeggios
  • 5 Chord Scales and Right Hand Technique
  • 6 Arpeggiating Chords