Advanced Jazz Guitar Concepts and Techniques


Jazz Guitar Essentials is designed to be a comprehensive study of the style as well as the harmonic and melodic devices associated with it. Whether you are planning to become a Jazz player or want to brush up on some skills or want to prepare for a College entrance exam you will find what you need here. This course is similar to some of the best known college programs in North America and uses a shared musical language that will inform your playing, memorization and analysis.

An excellent companion to this course of study will be the Berklee Real Book which you can use for repertoire as well as material for study that will enhance this course. Think of this course as a passport to a whole world of new music. Within this course you should find all the material necessary to provide a strong foundation for your ongoing development.

Jazz is really a convergence of cultures and musical systems and as such provides a truly excellent training ground for the developing musician. This style combined with the guitar as the instrument of expression gives the guitar player an even more intimate view of the way harmony works and progressively reveals the guitar as the complex and beautiful polyphonic instrument it is.

What You'll Learn

  • 1 Picking Technique
  • 2 Parallel Major and Minor
  • 3 Intervals – An Overview
  • 4 Spelling Natural, Harmonic and Melodic Minor
  • 5 Jazz Minor
  • 6 Chordal Platforms Part 1, Major
  • 7 Chordal Platforms Part 2
  • 8 Harmonic Development in a Minor Key
  • 9 Creating a Line Using Octaves
  • 10 Common, Pivot and Guide Fingers
  • 11 Chord groupings Maj, Maj7, 7 and Maj 6
  • 12 Closing in on Dorian
  • 13 Mixolydian in the Blues
  • 14 Introduction to the Lydian Mode
  • 15 Building the Blues, Mixolydian Mode
  • 16 Building the Blues, E7 Mixolydian
  • 17 Tritones and the 12 Bar Blues
  • 18 M7b5 to I Chord
  • 19 Introduction to Turnarounds
  • 20 Octaves
  • 21 Spelling Arpeggios on String Sets
  • 22 Real-Time Chord Spelling
  • 23 Same Shape Different Chord