Theory for Beginners


This theory course develops the foundational basis for understanding how music works. Each of these videos will help you to develop a musical language that can in turn be used throughout all the courses as well as in your own vocabulary and musical sphere. Our system of music in the Western World is built on a set of principals that form a simple and elegant language. If you take the time to learn this language it will inform all of your music making and understanding.

Learning these concepts and gaining a functional understanding of how they work will lead toward more choices in your music making, whether taking a solo or recording in your studio or writing a song. That may seem a stretch at first but keep in mind that music is essentially a mathematical system that explains and organizes sounds with sonic patterns and degrees of tension. These concepts have been at the core of music making for over a thousand years and to spend some time learning their origins will only help your own creative processes.

What You'll Learn

  • 1 The Major Scale
  • 2 The Minor Scale
  • 3 Circle of Fifths Part One
  • 4 Circle of Fifths Part Two
  • 5 Tetrachords Part One
  • 6 Tetrachords Part Two