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Here’s what some past students have to say…

Sick of the Confusion and Frustration?

If you’re trying to learn to play guitar and you’re feeling confused or frustrated, there’s something seriously wrong.  Learning some fundamental chords, how to play rhythm guitar and some simple songs should not be that difficult if you’re putting in a bit of practice.

So, why is it so difficult for some people?  Here’s what I’ve noticed…

Private Guitar Lessons are Hit and Miss and Expensive!

Many, if not most private teachers aren’t very good (I’m sorry, it’s true) and as a beginning player, it’s difficult for you to discern between a teacher who really knows their stuff and a teacher who doesn’t.  Maybe they know some random guitar licks, but they’re awful teachers that just make everything confusing.  They scribble out illegible chord diagrams, teach random licks that don’t seem to relate to anything and they’d rather be doing something else.  What’s even crazier is that private lessons aren’t cheap!

YouTube is Random, Confusing and Full of Wrong Information

The other route many people attempt is learning from YouTube.  YouTube is perfect if you’re looking to get ultra confused.  One teacher says one thing while another says something else.  There’s no systematic way to progress.  There’s no method and only madness!  And let’s be honest… 98% of the guitar lesson videos on YouTube contain terrible information.  I’ve watched videos on YouTube where people literally teach the wrong note names and make up their own systems.

As a beginner though, you have no way of knowing what information is right and what’s wrong!  So again… You’re just left confused and frustrated.  You don’t progress…  You hit a plateau and you quit.

I don’t want you to quit!  I want you to progress quickly and have a ton of fun playing!  I want to see you playing your favorite songs by the campfire or having a blast playing in a band.

Would You Like to Learn to Play Guitar Quickly, Easily and at Your Own Pace?

If you like doing things the easy way and prefer not to punish yourself, you should get started with our free introductory beginner guitar course.

This is a short series of step-by-step HD videos that carefully guide you through some simple chords and strumming patterns to get you playing in as little time as possible.  

This course is taught by Lloyd English who has over 45 years of teaching experience.  His past teaching appointments have included the Guitar Academy-Toronto and the Academy of the Arts, Vancouver.  His recordings have been played on TV series like the Oprah Winfrey Show, Holmes Makes it Right and many more.

So, if you’re looking to learn to play the easy, fast and effective way, you should grab this free inroductory beginner guitar course now.  This is a limited time offer, so act quickly!

About Your Instructor

Lloyd English has spent his life as a musician and music teacher in Canada, mostly in Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton and the Victoria area.

During his developing years he had the good fortune to study privately with some of the most renowned teachers in North America and has played and recorded with many well known Canadian artists.

Over the years and several thousand live dates he has performed in venues ranging from small town bars to soft seat theatres in genres from Rock to Country to Jazz to World Music and just about everything in between. He has also had the good pleasure of having directed a number of choral groups performing major works with small orchestra in a number of secular and liturgical settings.

His producing work for other artists has yielded albums that have garnered attention internationally and have been played on syndicated radio. The album Dances of the Veils has been used in a host of programs including Oprah and A&E network and he recently custom produced music for the Holmes Makes it Right TV series along with his son Myles English.