Our Team

Lloyd – Content Production and Programs

Lloyd has had over 40 years experience as a teacher, professional musician, recording artist and director/producer. His music has been played on radio and television all over the world. He started playing in his first band at the age of 13 and began his first tour at 18 and has played over 2000 professional dates. Many of his students have gone on to become professional players. Lloyd insists that the most rewarding part of a long career is the number of his students who have made music a part of their everyday lives.

Myles – Lead Developer and Creative Director

An avid guitarist, performer and teacher Myles grew up in a home where both parents were professional musicians and so was surrounded by music from birth. He began his studies as a toddler and has continued throughout his life. Myles has recorded for television and continues to gig regularly as a jazz guitarist. He also has a background in art and animation and programming and has been a driving force behind the development and realization of My Guitar Pal.

Ray – Content and Educational Consultant

Ray Hickey has studied with some of the greatest players in the world both in the classical and jazz fields and counts himself as one of the ulumni of the Guitar Institute of Hollywood. Ray has performed extensively in the Toronto region and has toured in Asia playing not only the guitar but also the Koto. His guitar album Alizarin Sky gained critical acclaim as have his arrangements for guitar. He continues to have a busy teaching and performing schedule and is a valued contributor to MGP in a number of different areas including animated video and voice over.

Diana – Licensing and Intellectual Property

Diana handles the ins and outs of using copyrights both going out and coming in while at the same time dealing with the everyday business of MGP. Diana also deals with the graphic design and layout of our books and thanks to her we expect to release our 3rd book in the series before year end. Her lifelong background as a musician helps to inform our direction and vision and her patience and persistence help to keep us going.

Dylan – Video Shoots, Audio Recording, Technical Smart Guy

Dylan came on board in September of 2013 to help us with the technical aspects of fulfilling our content needs and in that capacity did everything from shoot video to record audio as well as trouble shoot and fix our gear and just generally helped make cool stuff happen. He has been a great and invaluable help in bringing us to our current stage. Currently we stay in touch with Dylan from afar while he is visiting in France.

Dave – Cinematography and Promotions

We found Dave through an IndieGoGo campaign and discovered he lives here locally. We love his work because it is fun, quirky, hip and a bit silly. Dave has been working on our video promotion and we know that he is the one to capture who we are and what we need.

With Thanks to the following consultants and contributors

The National Research Council and IRAP, Terry Rachwalski mba, Mike Thompson – Business Consultant, John Vincent – Internet Startup Mentor, Stephen Long PhD MBA, Sia Samimi – development consultant, Jay Jones – moral support, Jerome Zachary -startup, Washburn Guitars International