Ray Hickey is one of the most innovative and well-rounded guitarists of his generation. He studied classical music at the Royal Conservatory and private tutelage with University of Toronto guitar department head Eli Kassner.

Later Ray went to the Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles, California where his teacher was Frank Gambale (Chic Corea’s Electric Band). Ray also attended workshops in West Virginia, California and England with legendary British Rock guitarist Robert Fripp (King Krimson).

During the early nineties Ray began studying and performing on the koto, shamisen, pipa and later the guzheng. Since then he has toured quite extensively throughout Canada, U.S.A., Central America, England, Ireland, Taiwan, China and Japan.

For over 30 years Ray has been guitar teacher in residence for aspiring students in his hometown of Pickering, outside of Toronto, Canada.

Ray has also released one solo CD, Alizarin Sky, and three guitar books. Currently Ray is a programs consultant and assistant lessons coordinator for MGP.