3/4-size guitar

A smaller than normal guitar with shorter strings and less space between frets.


An accidental is an alteration of a diatonic note using a sharp or flat. In other words a flat or sharp used to take a note outside of the key or key signature. Accidentals last only for the measure in which they are...


A term referring to the height of the strings above the frets and fretboard. altered and open tunings The result of changing the tuning of one or more strings from standard EADGBE. alternate picking Picking in alternate directions...

Aeolian Mode

Aeolian mode is often referred to as the relative minor because of sharing the same notes as its relative major scale a minor 3rd away. The relative major to A Aeolian is C major, the relative minor to C major is A Aeolian. The Aeolian mode has a minor I, IV and V...


Allegro (cheerful, lively) generally taken as fast uptempo, not as fast as vivace or presto.